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Design Technology is an important part of the curriculum for Fairfield pupils.

Design Technology helps children to make direct links to the everyday world around them, gaining an understanding of how things work and the process of designing with a purpose in mind.  It builds on their early childhood experiences of investigating objects around them.  They explore how familiar things work talking about, drawing, and modelling their ideas using construction kits or components.

It teaches children how to plan, make, adapt and evaluate.  Activities are carefully planned and age appropriate to be challenging but achievable.  They provide opportunities or children to work together and to make individual responses.

It builds on their understanding of, materials and their properties, and also shape and form. Through short focused practical tasks they learn new skills, techniques, and mechanisms for movement.

DT projects develop pupils’ manipulative skills – measuring, marking, cutting, and shaping a range of materials.  Assembling, combining and joining components together.  Gaining in experience and confidence they can begin to make informed choices of materials to use and appropriate methods for joining.

DT projects are a valuable way of fostering thinking and problem solving skills; they involve children generating ideas for products, thinking about who will use them and what they will be used for.  Pupils need to use their prior knowledge and experience in the design stage, planning and sequencing tasks.  They may need to adapt and refine their work during the make process to complete the tasks and arrive at their end product. 

Children are involved in setting their design criteria and evaluating their own work against these criteria.

Design and Technology topics fall into three broad categories:

Movement and mechanisms – designing and making a product with a specific mechanism.  This has links with their learning in science, for example, understanding electrical circuits.

Textile products – Shaping and joining textiles to fulfil a function while expressing their creative ideas for an individual and pleasing product.

Food Technology – Understanding health and hygiene rules when producing food, expressing their own choices and preferences in their food product. This links to their science learning on different food groups and the importance of a balanced diet.