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We deliver an English curriculum which embraces National Curriculum guidelines and beyond. Our aim is to challenge and stretch young, enquiring minds; combining traditional values and modern teaching practice. We strive to channel natural curiosity and enthusiasm into a genuine love of literature and the English language. Children’s mastery of English empowers them as increasingly independent learners; enabling them to be effective communicators with skills that permeate all aspects of life. Throughout Fairfield, we provide pupils with a level of proficiency to be in the best possible position to secure future success.

The Library


At Fairfield we are fortunate to have not one, but two libraries. The Pre Prep library is situated on the first floor of the new building and has a large selection of books, audio books and Story Sacks available for the younger children to borrow. It is open after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4pm for parents and carers to accompany their children to choose items to borrow. All the children in the Pre Prep enjoy a regular weekly session in the library.

Once children are ready they are enrolled in the Accelerated Reader scheme which allows them to complete a comprehension quiz after they have finished their chosen book. Years 2 and 3 each have their own Accelerated Reader library with hundreds of books to choose from whilst the main library in the White House caters for the needs of years 4, 5 and 6 with approximately 8000 titles both fiction and non-fiction. Children throughout the school have a library card enabling them to issue 2 books at any time for 2 weeks after which they can renew or return.

Every class has a weekly library lesson where they can select, read, discuss or quiz on selected books. In addition to this, children come to the library for Guided Reading sessions which allows small groups to study a selected book in more depth.

The main library is open during morning break and from 1 -1.25pm at lunchtimes enabling pupils to enjoy a quiet read of the many books, newspapers and magazines available. It is also open until 5pm each evening for parents and children to do their homework whilst waiting for a sibling involved in any of the many varied clubs on offer.