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Modern Foreign Languages

At Fairfield, pupils benefit from a progressive teaching approach when it comes to learning languages.

They are taught in a way that encourages them to engage with languages by speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Pupils learn French from Kindergarten, when they begin to learn typical French songs such as ‘Alouette’ and ‘Sur le pont d’Avignon’ in addition to numbers, colours, and some animal and food words.

We continue to expand their knowledge of the French language up to Year 3, singing songs, listening to French books and watching adverts and Peppa Pig in French.    

Language learning is broadened at Year 4 with the introduction of German followed by Spanish in Year 5, then French continues in Year 6. Children learn about cultural events in different countries, such as la Tomatina in Spain and Karneval in Germany. They use iPads to create videos about themselves and the weather.

Pupils participate in role play where they use language skills in different situations, such as buying food and drink in ‘la Boulangerie Fairfield’ and enjoying a French breakfast together. They also enjoy putting on a German fashion show and a producing a Spanish weather broadcast. Fairfield celebrates the European Day of Languages every year. Everyone at school dresses in an international costume and has the opportunity to learn words and phrases in a range of languages, including Russian, Hindi and Japanese.

Children are also given the opportunity to explore additional languages less frequently taught in schools using specialist computer software. These include Japanese, Chinese, Telugu, Russian, Latin, Italian and Kazakh, all of which have been chosen to challenge and stimulate young children.

A Fairfield pupil was the winner of the EuroTalk Junior Language Challenge in 2014. Yash used his knowledge of Italian, Japanese and Somali to beat more than 1,100 other under-11s to win the national title.

Please click here to read more about our approach to the teaching of modern foreign languages.

Fairfield - French breakfast

French breakfast’


Fairfield - Yash JLC final

EuroTalk Junior Language Challenge’