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Pre Prep

At Fairfield, we embrace the traditions and values of Independent Education, whilst choosing to develop the best of new initiatives and ideas that will shape your child for life in the 21st Century.  Fairfield offers a friendly, caring community, where children learn to be confident whilst developing a thirst for knowledge and enquiry.

The Pre-Prep department (4-7 years of age) feeds directly onto the Prep department. Fairfield is a select entry school on the outskirts of Loughborough and the vast majority of children progress to either Loughborough Grammar School (boys), Loughborough High School (girls) or Loughborough Amherst School (Co-ed) with all four schools as part of the Loughborough Schools Foundation on one extensive site.  The facilities are outstanding in all four schools.

Fairfield offers an exciting and engaging curriculum taught by highly qualified teachers, supported by nursery nurses and classroom assistants in bright stimulating classrooms.  There are three parallel forms in each year: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Children in the Pre-Prep have a variety of special teachers including ICT, Music, MFL, Art and D & T and P.E.

At Fairfield, we believe that education is a partnership between school and home and it is more important in the Pre Prep.  We recognise and encourage the role that parents play in their child’s learning and development and, as a result, we strive to inform and involve parents as much as possible, hosting a variety of Information Evenings throughout the year.  Each teacher has an ‘open door’ policy and parents are welcome to discuss issues or concerns about their child(ren).  Parents are encouraged to attend Form assemblies, Harvest, Christmas, Sports Days and PTA events.

At school, traditional values and manners are an imperative part of the ‘hidden curriculum’.  Children are encouraged to be polite, courteous and caring members of our school community and where a tolerance for differences and diversity is expected.

We are very successful at supporting the children to become independent learners who become well-rounded, articulate, boys and girls.  A balanced curriculum covers all aspects of the children’s development including social, emotional, physical and intellectual.  The children within the Pre-Prep will be exposed to a variety of teaching methods, supporting each individual’s preferred learning style.

The Curriculum is designed to encourage a progressive development of skills; the children are given opportunities for investigative through practical activities, alongside structured play and collaborative work.  Many of the activities are based around co-operation with others, and these skills are fostered from a very young age.

Throughout all the children’s experiences in the Pre-Prep, teachers provide opportunities for young learners to progress through fun, engaging, rewarding activities appropriate to their level of development.  The children gain a sense of achievement and play a very active role in their own learning.