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Fairfield Prep School is a select entry school and it enjoys an excellent reputation in the Midlands. The youngest children in the school start in Reception (4+) and in this Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), children are given the freedom in which to grow, learn and play.  The classrooms are bright, airy and well designed and decorated with children’s work celebrating their successes and reflecting the diversity within the curriculum.

Each Reception class has a qualified teacher and full time nursery nurse who are passionate about what they do and aim to give every child an enjoyable experience from the moment they enter school.  Our aim is for every child to be confident, independent learners with a thirst for learning.  Happy children are successful children!

At Fairfield, we place great emphasis on these early days, seeking to provide a learning environment which offers the individual child a very positive beginning.  It is a school where children learn in a safe, caring and nurtured environment where healthy competition is introduced at the appropriate time through a fun, structured and dynamic curriculum.  The Reception children have a dedicated space within the school, giving them the opportunity to learn both inside and outside the classroom, as well as through play, adult led activities and through structured free play

The curriculum focuses on the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines but we add to this through our teaching of Modern Foreign Languages (French), ICT, Music and P.E., which are all taught by specialist teachers in their own specialist teaching areas.  Most of the morning sessions comprise of primarily literacy and numeracy and it is here through well planned and clear learning goals, children learn the basics and have a good foundation upon which to build their future learning.

We are proud of our academic reputation at Fairfield.  The curriculum is a balanced one and it offers structure and support to the less able, but also challenges the more able where achievement, success and excellence are celebrated by everyone.  Additionally, we aim to foster a sense of independent learning with our pupils as they progress through the Year groups in preparation for the next stage of their learning.  All of the teachers and support teachers are inspirational in their work with the children and we encourage everyone at the school to be confident, independent and life-long learners to face the many challenges of an ever changing and challenging world.

We believe that at Fairfield, the Reception year is the most important year at the school.  It is here that the foundations of positive and future learning take place.  We want to ensure that children are happy, confident and have fun during their learning experiences and it is so important to engage parents in this process; they are a key part of the learning process.  If the school and the parents work together, we can ensure that all of the children work to the best of their ability and achieve the very best possible results.  We do hope that you will come to look at the school and see us in action.